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What exactly are advertorials?

There are generally two types of content that people can publish on the web – editorial and advertorials. As you may already know, editorials refer to the “core” of whatever it is that you are writing about. If you run a blog then these are the subjects that you write about and are of great interest to you. So what about advertorial content?

Well as explained by Matt Cutts in the Google webmaster video above, advertorial content or native advertising isn’t really that much different from editorial content except for one thing and that is the fact that these are paid publications. This simply means that money changed hands or somebody was commissioned to publish a particular content as opposed to having it written simply because it was a subject that the publisher was interested in.

So what is the big deal about advertorials and how is it in any way significant to SEO or search engine optimisation?

Let’s say you were looking for a good review about a particular pest control service provider and you’ve found a certain content that seems to provide the information you need in great detail. How would you feel about that certain content if you found out that it was actually paid content as opposed to having it written by somebody who was genuinely interested in publishing that particular review? It is this “feeling” which revolves around the widespread use of advertorials that Google wishes to address by implementing proper guidelines for advertorial content.

Simply put, advertorials are a form of paid advertising similar to paid links and as such these types of content shouldn’t pull page rank. Google states that all paid content must provide clear and concise disclosure. Failure to do so would mean removal and inclusion of that content from indexing process as well as other possible penalties that can adversely affect SEO.

Now it is worth noting though that Google has not released any details on how it actually intends to go about distinguishing paid advertising content from editorial ones which perhaps explains the frustration a lot of people have regarding this policy judging by the vast majority of comments on Youtube.

So what are your own thoughts about advertorials?

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