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What exactly is cloaking?

As you may already know cloaking is an extremely risky webpage behavior that can get an entire website banned or excluded from Google’s indexing process. What exactly is it all about though and what makes it taboo in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? A lot of people could be doing it without even realizing it which is rather unfortunate for many webmasters.

Cloaking is essentially the practice of providing content to users that is totally different from the ones provided to Google bot. So why is the search engine so against it?

What makes cloaking a bad and forbidden practice?

 As stated as a clear example on the video – say a certain user is searching for cartoons and come up with search results that looks like cartoons but when he or she clicks on it takes them to a porn site. Not only is this a clear violation of Google guidelines, it also provides a terrible experience for users. Imagine if that it was a child doing that particular search!

Webmasters all need to ensure that they provide Google bot with exactly the same content as the ones that they are providing to users. Do anything less as you go about your SEO strategy and you could face harsh penalties from the search engine such as the complete de-indexing of your webpages as a severe violation of Google’s search quality guidelines.  There is no such thing as “white hat” cloaking and whatever search engine optimisation benefits you wish to get out of it simply isn’t worth the risk.

What are your own thoughts about cloaking?

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