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Most people know the value of having your website ranking at the top of Google, but the hard part is getting there.

With Australia’s main search engine Google making two of the biggest changes in search engine history in 2012, keeping up to date with more than 200 parts of an artificial learning machine has become harder than ever for most businesses that are not tapped into the search engine industry daily.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Consultants consistently keep up to date with the latest changes, then test these theories with our own technology on our own private collection of over 80 websites.

Why you may benefit from our SEO Consulting Services:

You have been hit by an algorithm update or manual penalty – With sizeable changes in Google’s algorithm in recent times, a large number of websites have been affected with their rankings and traffic dropping.

This could be for one or many reasons, to which many people will not know unless they have completed a full SEO audit of their website.

Our specialists have formulated 3 key ways of assessing and recovering websites from penalties successfully and can advise on the actions you need to take for your specific situation.

You are looking to hire an in house SEO manager – To most people SEO is like a foreign language and this makes it quite difficult to hire someone when you don’t know how good they actually are.

We have consulted to companies on the hiring process and helped with interviewing for internal staff. This helps uncover candidates that might be speaking technical mumbo jumbo to get the job.

You have a web design company building your website that doesn’t know about SEO – This is a common occurrence where you may want to engage our services. Most web design companies are very good at designing websites and not so good at building a site that is optimised for the search engines.

With your new website, we can advise on what should be in place from day one to ensure maximum traffic is attracted from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You may need advice on Search Engine Optimisation Strategy – One of the most important things to have in place from the start is a solid SEO strategy, because this paves the way for you success.

We have created strategies for celebrity bloggers to large corporations and E-Commerce stores with the end result being a more effective campaign and traffic.

These are merely some quick examples of when you might look to hire us for consulting on your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

For more information on any of our services please call us on 1800 189 445

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