Is Spelling and Grammar Important in Content and Search Rankings? Is Spelling and Grammar Important in Content and Search Rankings?

Do spelling and grammar matter when evaluating content and site quality?

Is grammar and spelling important for quality web content?

Wondering if proper grammar and spelling is actually all that important when it comes to assessing content and website quality? As mentioned in the video above, it’s not actually among the hundreds of algorithms that the search engines run in assessing SEO results and rankings. However if you think that it’s a factor that you can safely overlook and dismiss as unimportant then you are gravely mistaken.

Website Content – Spelling and Grammar does matter

Although a lot of people may be inclined to disagree, correct spelling and grammar does matter in search engine optimisation. Consider the fact that if there’s one thing that successful search engine marketing websites have in common, it’s the fact that they all have great content free of spelling and grammar errors. Grammar and spelling may not be a signal that Google specifically picks up on (at least directly) but it’s something that users certainly do!

Think about it – would you consider doing any kind of business with a website riddled with poor grammar and spelling errors? Probably not and having those imperfections on your website doesn’t exactly inspire confidence among prospects. Needless to say it makes businesses appear unprofessional and unreliable.

Proper grammar and correct spelling may not be a signal that Google looks into when deciding search rankings but it’s a must if you really want to put great content in front of users. Good content will serve you well and far better than some temporary fad that may work one day but ultimately unable to drive long-term and sustainable results.

After all, good content is more likely to be valued, shared and discussed by users which are signals that search engines do actually picks up on!

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