Google Search Rank - Quality versus Popularity Google Search Rank - Quality versus Popularity

Does Google try to return results based on signals other than popularity?

Are search rankings on Google all about popularity?

Wondering what signals Google actually picks up on when deciding search engine rankings? Is it all about popularity or is quality ultimately more important in SEO? It’s an excellent question and one that makes people in the search engine optimization business wonder about the working philosophy behind search engines. So let’s get right to it shall we?


Understanding the Google search philosophy

Now in order to answer the questions mentioned above, people need to understand that quality or the accuracy of web content is different from popularity in the same way that page rank is different from popularity. As discussed in the video above, pornographic websites are popular and are seeing traffic from thousands or millions of users but all that popularity doesn’t give it a good page rank because it’s a content that people rarely ever link to or consider as “appropriate”.

Thus online marketing websites stand a better chance of getting a high page rank compared to pornographic websites even when a lot of people tend to visit such sites more often!

Page Rank is all about reputation – Google takes great pride in its endeavor to provide users with better and more relevant search content. At the same time, people behind the leading search engine are well aware of how much responsibility they carry as a lot of people depend on them not only when it comes to search engine marketing but as the top source of information for any information they need on a day to day basis. Of course it’s far from perfect but the search engine is certainly getting there.

So what do you think of Google search philosophy and do you think they are doing a good job so far?

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