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Google Penalty Recovery

With Google making some of the biggest changes in history in recent times, many websites have lost their rankings and traffic overnight and haven’t recovered.

This is usually cased by one of two things. Either poor website structure or an attempt to manipulate Google to show the website higher than it naturally should.

If Google has detected that you have been trying to manipulate the search results and have your site appear higher up you could have been hit with an algorithmic or manual penalty.

Some of the well known algorithms that Google uses to filter out sites that have been using poor SEO tactics are:

The Google Panda Update – This part of the main algorithm was first launched in February 2011 in an effort to decrease the rank of sites that had low quality or thin content, with the aim of serving better results to Google users.

The Google Penguin Update – This part of the algorithm was launched in April 2012 in a further effort to decrease of the rank of low quality sites. This time focusing on sites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines by participating in black hat techniques like; participating in link schemes, cloaking, using duplicate or hidden content or keyword stuffing.

Google Penalty Recovery If You Have Been Hit

By continuously keeping up to date with the latest Google changes and applying tests to our private collection of websites we have been able to successfully recover many sites hit by Google penalties. This includes both algorithmic and manual penalties that have been applied.

You May Have Been Hit And Not Even Know It

If your website wasn’t ranking before these updates, then you have tried to optimise your website but seen very little result. It could be because you have an algorithmic penalty applied to your site which is effectively acting like a dampener on your ranking results and preventing you reaching the top spot.

Google Penalty Recovery Service

Depending on when and how you were hit we have different recovery strategies that may include; link clean up, website restructure or clean up, fresh content creation, quality link building and resubmission requests.

Before starting on a ranking recovery campaign we suggest you always undergo a full SEO audit of your website to ascertain if you have in fact been hit or if your site is simply just not ranking.

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