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How can a Legitimate Business Compete Online?

Successfully competing in the world of online businesses

Effectively competing online and generating sufficient traffic can be a formidable challenge for many owners of actual businesses. This is hardly surprising considering that there are a lot of people online that specialize in SEO and simply creating traffic even if they don’t own a business in the real world.

Now the great thing about Google and the web in general is the fact that it has provided a level playing field in which anyone can come in and effectively compete provided that you move and adapt faster and better than most of your competitors.

 On the other hand, a lot of businesses tend to assume that just because they run a good business in the real world with a vast number of avid costumers that they can expect the same thing online – it just doesn’t work that way. People in your community may think your business is a good and reputable one but unless that information is available online somewhere, you can’t expect Google to treat your business the same way.

Even if you own and operate a large successful business in the real world, you can still have a bad website and bad search engine rankings as explained by Matt Cutts in the video above. However, there are certainly a couple of things that legitimate business owners can do to maximize their chances of successfully competing online.

Some tips for legitimate businesses in online marketing

Make sure that your website is good and usable

To be blunt, you’ve got to make sure that your website doesn’t “suck”. Ensure that it looks professional and doesn’t look like the work of underpaid amateurs. More importantly, your website has to be usable. 404 webpage errors can easily ruin the confidence of prospects along with poor navigation as well as any lack of functionality such as a website’s inability to be viewed on mobile devices which is often the case with websites designed entirely with Flash.

Customer engagement

If you own a legitimate and successful business in the real world, then you probably already have a large number of good customers out there. Think of ways of effectively engaging these customers online such as creating mailing lists, running local promotions or advertising real world business events. Advertise your store or place of business – people are often more confident of doing business with you if they know that you have an actual place of business that they can go to.

What businesses need to understand is that Google doesn’t judge based on how successful your business is in the real world or how big your website is. It all depends on what resources are available online. Assess your business strengths and come up with ways that you can take advantage of those strengths in a way that competitors who don’t own a legitimate business in the real world simply can’t!

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