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How can I get examples of bad links to my site?

Received notifications from Google warning you of “bad links” detected on your website?

Have you ever experience d receiving a notification from Google warning you of unnatural links being detected on your website? Such notifications can be quite alarming and has long caused a lot of webmasters a great deal of frustration particularly due to the lack of clear cut examples. Webmasters can end up removing over 90 percent of the links of their website adversely affecting current SEO page rank and still be uncertain about rectifying the issue for sure.

Affected webmasters often end up asking for examples through the Reconsideration Request with no reply hoping to get their search engine optimisation campaign back on track.

Wouldn’t it be great if Google would provide a list of unnatural links that it has detected on a certain website when notifying webmasters about it? Check out the webmaster video featured above and hear what Matt Cutts – Google’s webmaster, have to say about the matter.

Google – working on providing webmasters with examples of “bad links”

As show in the video, Matt reassures us that Google has not been deaf on the issue and are working on improvements to better assist webmasters on the matter. Matt even gave some hints about what these improvements could be – sending a couple of examples for bad links when notifying webmasters about the problem similar to the developments that the Google webspam team have been working on or integrating the examples on webmaster tools itself.

Now considering that Matt didn’t mention any timeline about when webmasters can expect to see such a development, it appears that the matter is still a work in progress but should be of great help to webmasters dealing with the problem in the future.

One thing that Matt took the time to clarify in the video though is that the Reconsideration Request tool is no place to ask Google to provide you with examples of unnatural links that the search engine has detected on your website. Its responses are basically limited to “Yes”, “No” and “Your reconsideration request is being processed”. It’s a negotiating tool between Google and webmasters for getting penalties lifted and not much else.

What are your thoughts about Google’s response to the request of concerned webmasters about giving them examples on any bad links the search engine has detected on their website?

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