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How do I know which links to remove when I get an “unnatural links” message?

Google notifications of unnatural Links

Are you having a problem dealing with unnatural links? Receiving a message from Google via your webmaster tools about the presence of such links presents great concern for people in the SEO business especially when it can lead to search engines perceiving your website as spam!

Now the problem for most people upon receiving such a message via webmaster is that they don’t know which links are causing the problem. The fact that Google doesn’t actually specify which links they are actually seeing as “unnatural” doesn’t help either. Not to worry though because there is certainly something that you can do about it!

 Dealing with unnatural links with webmaster

So how does one go about figuring out which links to get rid of after receiving SEO notifications from Google and prevent the possibility of search engines flagging your website as spam? Well its not as complicated as you might think and there is no guessing involved here – the last thing you need is to end up deleting your good links which would surely send your search engine rankings to the bottom.

Now don’t be overly alarmed if you’ve just received a message from Google alerting you of the presence of unnatural links to your website. Chances are the search engine still certainly loves your website especially if you don’t use paid links and that its just seeing a few links that online community doesn’t trust.

A great way to get rid of such links is to use the webmaster tool to sort through the most recently discovered links. You can then match the time in which you’ve received the message and the webmaster’s report of new links pointing to your website which is likely what triggered everything in the first place. Check out your most recent links prior to your website being warned about unnatural links and eliminate similar ones that are likely causing the problem.

A good feature that Google is currently working on is the addition of sample links that the search engine doesn’t trusts along with the webmaster notification of unnatural links. Now its far from comprehensive but should make the process a whole lot easier and figure out which type of unnatural links are potentially hurting your SEO effort!

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