How is Google finding pages which don't have any links to them? How is Google finding pages which don't have any links to them?

How is Google finding pages which don’t have any links to them?

Wondering about the number of ways that Google can possibly find webpages that don’t have links

Surprised to find that Google has found one of your webpages even though you actually haven’t made any links pointing to it? How is this even possible? Check out what the search engine’s webmaster has to say about the matter through the video shown above.

The Google webpage discovery process

the process of google webpage discoveryAs you may already know, the search engine discovers new webpages online primarily through links. It’s what drives a significant part of SEO (search engine optimisation) today. However, Google’s web page discovery process certainly isn’t just limited to that and there are many factors that can help Google discover webpages even without links.

Now for one thing if you have a search form on your webpage, that can help the search engine to crawl, index and discover the rest of your webpages. As mentioned in the video above, Google bot is capable of filling out simple search forms with the exception of complex ones that require credit card information and similar sensitive data.

Often times though its not so much about the absence of links, just the ones that webmasters don’t happen to know about. People can link to previously undiscovered webpage leaving a trail for search engine crawlers to follow. Even if you regularly audit the links on your website, the list that search engine provides you is certainly far from complete.

What other ways can you think of that can lead to Google’s discovery of a webpage with no links on it?

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