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How long does a reconsideration requests take to process?

Reconsideration requests – how long does it actually take?

Just submitted a reconsideration requests to Google and wondering how long the entire process would actually take? Well if you are anything like Laura who posted the question in the Google webmaster video shown above, not hearing back for more than one month or two is certainly not normal. If that sounds a lot like you then you better submit another request and how it’s important to your SEO efforts making sure that the submission actually goes through with no errors.



All about the Google reconsideration request

Now in search engine optimisation and online marketing, one might inadvertently get their website penalized for some reason. In this case you’ll have to submit a reconsideration request to get the penalties lifted and get your SEO efforts back on track.  

You should quickly get a confirmation message following the successful submission of your request followed by one of the following replies:

Yes – the penalties have been lifted and your website is good to go

No – you still have work to do and the issues that caused the penalty still exists within your online marketing website

You don’t actually have any issues affecting your search engine optimisation

We are still processing your reconsideration requests – usually means that Google is looking into multiple issues found in your online marketing website. It is then followed by a positive or negative reply depending on whether or not all issues were resolved

In terms of timeframe, the entire process usually takes less than 2 weeks although it may take significantly longer during high backlogs which are often the case when Google launches something big.

We hope that helps and provide some guidance on what to expect when dealing with reconsideration requests.

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