Understanding Google Webspam Notification Messages Understanding Google Webspam Notification Messages

How many types of messages does the webspam team send to Webmaster Tools?

GoogleWebmaster tools webspam message notification

Have you received messages on your Google Webmaster tool from the webspam team and wondering what it’s really all about? What are some other types of message Google might send you and how do they decide on which message to send?

Now these are certainly great questions and one that requires a good answer especially if the message brings great concern to avid users of webmaster tools. Indeed in accordance to the webmaster guidelines, Google does send out hundreds of thousands of messages each month which may seem like a lot but it’s really nothing compared to the estimated 1 million spam webpages being introduced online every single hour!

It’s no secret that Google spends a lot of time going after spam content online and automatically sends a message or notifications whenever they find it. Based on the webmaster guidelines, spam can be classified under various categories such as paid links, cloaking, scraping and any other underhanded SEO tactics. All of them boil down to the various different kinds of webspam messages that the search engine sends out.

Google Webspam message categories

Looking at some statistics Google has released over the matter earlier this year 2013 particularly for the month of January and early February:

  • Approximately 90 percent of the spam notification message that Google sends were due to “Black Hat”. Now this is pure clear-cut spam easily recognized by anyone who is text-savvy. It’s the conventional useless and meaningless junk that users simply don’t want to see in any search results.
  • 4 percent of the spam notification messages sent out via webmaster tools are due to the content possessing little or no value. Receiving this type of message hints that you need to focus more on quality content as your current ones may be hindering you from achieving high search engine rankings in Google
  • 3 percent of webspam message sent out via webmaster guidelines for spam are related to Hacking. It is illegal and a fairly serious offense yet there are clearly still people who opt to do it.
  • About 2 percent are due to link buying – the practice of buying or paying for back links instead of properly building them yourself and forge real connections with the online community.
  • Approximately 1 percent is due to link selling.

So there you have it – the various types of spam notification messages that Google sends out via the webmaster tool and why one might receive one in the first place. All these should give you a good idea about webspam and the sheer number of message sent out via the webmaster tool regarding it!

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