Are Meta Tags Really that Important - SEO Packages Are Meta Tags Really that Important - SEO Packages

How much time should I spend on Meta tags, and which ones matter?

Working with Meta tags

Wondering just how much time one ought to spend working with their Meta tags? Which tags should you actually pay careful attention to and Google regards as important? Conventional wisdom in SEO would tell us that these tags are indeed important and that one really has to exert a great amount of time tweaking and working on it.  Needless to say we also hear a lot of people in the search engine optimisation business saying that these tags aren’t significant at all.

So what’s the real deal with these tags and how significant is it in search engine marketing? Well let’s go ahead and check out what Google has to say about it.

The real deal with Meta tags

Now as discussed by Matt Cutts in the video above which covers a question that he brought forth himself, Meta tags are indeed important but not all of it. Meta keyword tags for instance are a waste of time – Google and other major search engines don’t actually use it at all.

It’s a whole different story with title tags and description tags though and you simply can’t afford to miss out on them in your SEO strategy. These tags give a good idea of what your website is actually all about but most importantly Meta description tags represent your website’s snippet – a block of text that appears right below your website link on search results.

Well written and compelling snippets are crucial for effective search engine optimisation and search engine marketing simply because it makes it more likely for users to actually click on it and yield traffic. Split tests your Meta descriptions and assess which ones actually convert better. Focus on making your description tags as enticing as possible but not to the point of being deceptive – least you incur Google’s disfavor and end up shooting yourself in the foot.

So have you been spending time working on the right Meta tags for your website?

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