Will Buying Adwords Improve Organic Search Engine Ranking? Will Buying Adwords Improve Organic Search Engine Ranking?

If I buy AdWords, will that cause my algorithmic search rankings to rise?

Buying Adwords for better search engine rankings

Wondering if buying Adwords is a good idea and will actually help improve your website’s organic search engine rankings? A lot of people seem to think so believing that Google provides some kind of special treatment in return. So is this really the case?

No boost in organic rankings for adwords buyers

As show in the video above, the answer to the question concerned is a big No. SEO and online marketing presents a level playing field for business and Google try its hardest to keep it that way. If you are counting on it to provide you with a significant boost in search engine marketing results then you certainly have it wrong.

Google provides no favors, no advantages and no boosts in organic search results for Adwords buyers. If that is the reason behind your decision to purchase Adwords then it is highly recommended that you rethink such a move. You would be better off investing that money on creating good and high quality content that users are likely to appreciate and link to. Of course effective use and management of Adwords will certainly help but simply purchasing them is not to get you anywhere.

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