Quoting Sources and Avoiding Duplicate Content Quoting Sources and Avoiding Duplicate Content

If I quote another source, will I be penalized for duplicate content?

Avoid Duplicate Content

The use of duplicate content is sure fire way of getting Google to penalize your website and treat it as spam. Thus it’s certainly best to avoid doing it in any way you can. Seek to use content that is original, useful and high quality. However there may be times that you would need to quote a particular source in your SEO content especially and it’s important that you learn how to do it properly least your website gets flagged by search engine algorithms for using other people’s content.


So how exactly do you quote sources so as to avoid being flagged for duplicate content?

Now it’s not at all complicated really and indeed there will be times wherein you would actually need to quote other sources especially when referring to search engine optimization experts or to effectively drive a point across and citing reputable sources. All you have to do is block the entire text that you would like to quote and of course enclose it in quotation marks and set a link back to your source.

Of course don’t overdo it – copying an entire paragraph or a whole bunch of articles and simply pasting them unto your website isn’t going to cut it. That’s just asking for trouble! Better yet, why not take the text that you wish to quote and simply interpret it in your own words? That way, you can be sure of not running into any plagiarism issues or penalties from search engine algorithms scouring the web for duplicate content.

Google is getting better and better at spotting the use of identical and copied content as they seek to improve search results for users. The last thing your business needs is to get tangled in technicalities for using duplicate content for failing to properly quote content sources!

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