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Is your SEO Strategy Working?

Having trouble with your SEO strategy

SEO or search engine optimization is a complex business and people often go at lengths to master an SEO strategy but end up with results that are less than what they hoped for.  Such a failure can be attributed to a number of reasons and in many cases the people implementing it don’t even fully understand how their SEO strategy works.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the most common pit falls that people often make in their SEO strategies and what can you actually do about it!

Common blunders in an SEO strategy

On site – wondering why your business website isn’t being indexed by search engine spiders? Check your on-page elements; you might have inadvertently left them out. These elements include keywords, descriptions and tags which search engine spiders actually pick up on. It also includes sitemap submissions for Google Web. Failing to address on-site elements in your SEO works is sure to be a disaster for any business online

Duplicates Content – it is said that search engines can penalize your website should it be found using content copied from others. Well that is certainly all true and goes in line with Google’s effort to improve relevance and quality in search engine results.

Relying on bots and automatic submission software – The use of bots and automated submission software was an acceptable practice years ago but this is certainly no longer the case today as Google has ruled against its use over the years. It’s because bots and submission software are capable of producing a lot of low quality content and inbound links within a short period of time which only adversely affects search engine results.

If for some reason you are still using such things then it’s about time you stop doing so because it’s only going to bring more harm to your business. You are better off making high quality submission to directories and producing good content for your business website! Insist on its use and you can very well have a banned website online which simply won’t do your business any good!

Slow Website loading Speed – the speed at which your website loads can mean the difference between failure and success in search engine marketing. Needless to say, patience isn’t exactly one of the virtues that you can expect from most of your prospects. If you leave them staring at a blank page for more than a few minutes, there’s a good chance that they’ll abandon your website and move on to another one!

Inconsistent SEO strategies – SEO works are not a one off thing and businesses really ought to look at search engine marketing as a long term and drawn out investment that requires consistent and on-going effort. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo are always changing and making updates to algorithms and search engine rankings. SEO packages and your search engine marketing strategy need to stay on top of such changes!

Website loading speed is also among the most significant factors that search engines consider when crawling and indexing webpages. Thus optimizing website speed and eliminating unnecessary delays due to media clutter, scripts and other heavy features can directly benefit your overall SEO strategy!

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