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Keyword Research

Keyword research forms the basis of any good SEO campaign and when done properly can be the difference between a good and great return on investment.

We compile a comprehensive list of words relevant to your site from a number of sources that may include; your competition, keyword research tools and most importantly our common sense.

A good keyword research report will have the following:

  • A combination of long and short tail keywords
  • Competitiveness score for each keyword
  • Relevance score for each keyword
  • Volume of traffic for a keyword

Long and short tail keywords – When optimising your site for search engines it’s important to have both a long and short term strategy and this all starts with your initial and ongoing research into keywords in your market.

Typically they are the opposite of what you might think. You may select longer tail keywords to target in the short term as they will be easier to rank for and shorter tail keywords that will take longer to rank for, as your long term strategy.

The psychology of the words – Many people claim to know how to do keyword research and can generate reports with free tools like the Google keyword tool with but fail to understand the intention of the keyword.

The intention of the person typing the keyword into the search engine is more important than the number of searches or amount of words you can collect. Our team is regularly trained on not only the mechanical aspects of research but also the psychological intention that drives the searches in the first place.

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