The Significance of Social Networks in Search Engine Marketing The Significance of Social Networks in Search Engine Marketing

Learn how to engage with your audience using social networks

 Do social networks really matter?

Wondering if social networks are really that important in search engine marketing? Well as shown in the video above – Google certainly seems to think so and indeed social media can prove to be a powerful resource that businesses online can all tap into. It’s no wonder then that social networking these days come at the very top as the most effective and most talked about search engine marketing strategies.

So just how important are social networks in today’s world of online businesses?

Simply put, social networks represent the best way of building and maintain relationships with prospects and existing clients. With social media, you can run contests and promotions, share business stories and achievements; announce existing and upcoming products and many more! But that’s not all there is to it – social networking paves an invaluable means of interacting and engaging prospects which can certainly lead to real world implications for your business.

Think about it – say you run a business selling bicycles as was discussed in the video above. One of your buyers could be an avid user of social networking posting and sharing what they’ve bought from you across their network of influence. Friends and followers of such avid buyers are then bound to see such shares as a vote of confidence directed towards your business sending a lot of customers your way.

Online marketing is ultimately all about standing out and nothing does it better than a recommendation or referral from one’s peers. After all which one are you likely to trust – a mere sales pitch or a recommendation from someone you actually know? Perhaps that best explains why social networks are so powerful and invaluable as a marketing tool and an opportunity that businesses simply can’t afford to miss!

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