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Negative SEO

 What is negative SEO?

Negative SEO refers to the unscrupulous and underhanded tactic of purposely doing black hat and banned search engine marketing practices in order to bring down the search engine rankings of close competitors.  Naturally, you would want to protect your business from such strategies but how exactly do you go about doing it? Is this really something that you really have to worry about in search engine optimisation?

Dealing with negative SEO

Now there are a lot of people who talk about negative search engine optimization but fortunately there are only a few people that actually try to do it and fewer still that actually succeed. If you are a small search engine marketing business, this is something that you most probably don’t need to worry about but if you are in an extremely competitive online marketing niche, then there’s certainly a good reason for you to account for negative SEO.

The most common way of doing negative search engine optimisation is for competitor A to point a bunch of bad links to competitor B in order to lower their search engine rankings. If you’ve recently discovered a heap of irrelevant and low quality links to your website that you have no idea where it came from then all that perfectly fits into such a scenario. What then can you do about it?

Having your search engine optimization campaign blind-sided by such an underhanded and unscrupulous strategy is certainly frustrating and more so if its actually causing harm to your business.  Not to worry though because there is certainly something that you can do about it thanks to Google’s “Disavow Links” search engine marketing tool!

Now as the name already suggests, the Disavow Links tool enables you to tag links that do not actually belong to your online marketing business website and prompt Google to ignore those links in determining search engine rankings. It’s an effective and convenient solution for eliminating bad and irrelevant links pointing to your website. Thus people thinking about actually doing negative SEO will find better use of their time focusing more on proper search engine optimisation strategies for outranking competitors!

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