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Ranking Reports

Are ranking reports really that important?

Do you find yourself worrying or obsessing too much on ranking reports for your website and placing number one on your trophy phrases? Most people would easily find good reason for being so especially when conventional wisdom in SEO tells us that being on top of search engine results means more traffic and more traffic ultimately leads to more sales. However, are you actually looking at the bigger picture and most importantly are you focusing on the things that really matter?

It’s not just about rankings

Now as Matt Cutts explains in the Google webmaster video shown above, its not just about page rank.  People in the search engine optimisation business are there to make money and while ranking first for your `trophy keywords will certainly help, it alone won’t get businesses there. You can rank first for a certain type of keyword that you’ve been targeting and get significant traffic out of it but those things alone doesn’t ensure conversions which is essentially where the money is!

Instead of overly obsessing with page rank reports in SEO and spending countless hours delving into reports, Google recommends that webmasters focus more on other factors that really matter. These factors include:

  • Server logs
  • Click through rate – how many users actually click on your link whenever it is displayed on search results
  • Snippets – are your description tags compelling and interesting enough to click on?
  • Page abandonment rate – how many users click away from your website for some reason within a few minutes of visiting your website
  • How much time do users spend on your website on average?
  • How smooth and simple is your checkout process for users who’ve bought or subscribed to your product/service?
  • And of course, how good is your conversion rate?

People get into the SEO business ultimately to make money and a high page rank isn’t going to be enough to cut it. Look at the whole picture instead of limiting yourself to one corner which is exactly what you are doing by becoming overly obsessed with ranking reports!

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