Should I Keep a Domain Parked with no Conten - SEO Packages Should I Keep a Domain Parked with no Conten - SEO Packages

Should I keep a domain parked without content before I launch the website?

Are Parked Domains a good idea?

Wondering if it’s actually a good idea to keep a domain name parked for quite some time prior to launching a new website? It’s a fairly common practice among people who would like to secure domain names as quickly as possible although it may actually take some time for them to actually get around working on putting up the actual website. Is it actually a good idea though?


Don’t leave your domain names parked

As explained by the Google webmaster video shown above, Google recommends against leaving domain names parked for a long time as it could adversely affect your upcoming SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign.

You most likely seen parked domains yourself and how it can be fairly annoying for many users which is why Google has a detection algorithm in place to keep tabs on such behavior. These webpages are then blocked off from showing up on search results.

If a particular domain name remains parked for a long time until the actual website is launched, it will take a long time for search engines to begin crawling the website and recognize it as no longer parked which will prevent you from getting good results in your SEO campaign. Hence Google recommends at least publishing a paragraph or two about your upcoming webpage and what you actually plan to do with it.

Now the idea is to differentiate your webpage from parked domains and simply have search engine algorithms see your launched website as updated content! The last thing you need is to wait several months following your launch of the website to see any results out of your SEO efforts which will put your online marketing business at a considerable disadvantage.

Still think parked domains are a good idea?

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