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The Significance of Keywords in Your SEO Strategy

Keywords and Your SEO strategy

Attaining a high page ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for their websites in search engines like Google and Yahoo is the goal of any internet marketer and their SEO Strategy (Search Engine Optimization). As you may already know, keywords are a crucial aspect of any internet marketer’s SEO strategies. Thus much of your SEO marketing strategy depends on proper research for effective and popular keywords. You can bet that your search engine placement as well as your ability to generate quality and sustainable web traffic depends on it.

An internet marketer’s effort at SEO search engine optimization and keyword research is basically aimed at assessing how potential users make use of search engines like Google and Yahoo to look up products or services that they may be interested in. You can then make use of those keywords as the foundation of your search engine strategies by publishing your website content. Just ensure that you make use of keywords and content that are relevant to your niche market and the online users you are targeting or else your SEO strategy may amount to nothing as your sites get penalized by search engines. Should this happen, you can’t expect your SEO strategies to do you any good as it will certainly hurt your efforts at generating web traffic and the overall profitability of your website.

Now it used to be that stuffing your web content with your chosen keywords regardless of how unnatural it reads to online users was acceptable as an SEO marketing strategy. As you may already know, this is certainly no longer the case in the present as search engines like Google and Yahoo have caught with such underhanded search engine placement strategies. Stick with white hat SEO search engine optimization or risk having your sites de-indexed or worse – banned.

Proper use of keywords as an SEO strategy

Now in order for your search engine strategies to be at all effective, not only do you need popular keywords, but make proper and effective use of it as well.

For one thing, putting your keywords as meta tags for your HTML code certainly helps your SEO strategy. To make the most out of your SEO marketing strategies, you also have to consider the fact that proper placement of keyword actually varies according to the kind of webpage you are working on as part of your SEO marketing strategy. If you’re working on web 2.0 properties like Hug page and Squidoo for instance, your keywords need to be located in the URL you specified during registration in addition to the title and content.  Any opportunities you can find in tagging your selected keywords will also help your websites gain a higher search engine placement. If you’re working on a blog post then you’ll have to check your blog templates to ensure that you have the optimal settings for SEO search engine optimization.

One of the most effective and popular search engine strategies with regards to website content is to make sure that you have your main keywords in the first paragraph. If you can have it within the first sentence then all the better. Now with regards to keyword density, SEO strategy experts tend to disagree. Some would say 10 percent while others would recommend that you keep it as low as 2 percent. I would be best to create your content with the aim of providing value to online users and engaging readers while at the same time, being fairly attractive to search engine crawlers. Simply put, just present enough keywords for search engines to cite the relevance of your website but not too much that you end up sacrificing the quality of your content.

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