What Google Searches are Driving Traffic to your Website What Google Searches are Driving Traffic to your Website

Understand which Google searches are driving traffic to your site

Traffic from Google Searches

Wondering which searches from Google are actually driving traffic to your website? Knowing which searches are actually providing good results is certainly important in SEO as it enables you to figure out which search terms or keywords your prospects are more likely to use when looking up information about your business online.

Now if you truly want to uncover the kind of searches responsible for a bulk of the traffic, the Google webmaster tool presents an excellent way of doing just that! As explained in the video above this search query tool is a great place to find data about your web traffic that you can leverage and act on.

 Determining traffic sources with Google Webmaster Tool

In order to determine your sources of website traffic through the webmaster tool, it would be best to familiarize yourself with various terminologies which you will find on the search query page which includes:

  • Impressions – refers to the number of times your website was viewed in the search engine results page
  • Clicks – the number of times your website was clicked via search results
  • CTR – Click through rate refers to the percentage in which your website appeared in search engine results and was clicked on
  • Query – refers to the keywords or search terms that you are competing in with your SEO campaign

The information surrounding the terminologies mentioned above can prove invaluable to improving web traffic. For instance if the impressions on your website is high but your CTR is low, that would suggest that your SEO title or SEO description isn’t as enticing enough for people to click on. Of course the webmaster tool also gives you an accurate idea of which search terms or queries are more likely to provide you with good results.

So what Google searches are driving the most traffic to your website?

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