Sitemaps - Helping Google Find Your Website SEO Packages Sitemaps - Helping Google Find Your Website SEO Packages

Using Sitemaps to help Google find content hosted on your site

Wondering about how to make your website content more visible to Google?

Looking for ways to better enable Google to find your website content?  It can be quite frustrating to see that your search engine marketing webpages aren’t appearing on search results. Of course it doesn’t mean that your SEO efforts were all for nothing and it often just takes time. However, there is certainly one thing that you can do to help search engines out – Sitemaps!



How sitemaps help Google find your content

Sitemaps present a complete list of pages of one’s website content and indeed it can help Google to find and better understand the content of your online marketing webpages. Sitemaps also provide the search engine with a clear idea of what your website is actually all about and better serve such content to search engine users.

You can create sitemap for websites yourself or have a 3rd party service provider generate it for you. Once you have your sitemap, you can then upload it to Google webmaster tools.

So do you have a sitemap to help Google find your website yet?

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