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Webspam Content Violations

What is webspam?

Webspam can be defined as any kind of content published online that offers no value to users and only serves to crowd search results. As the dominant and most trusted search engine on the Internet, Google has worked hard over the years to return the best search results to users and that includes going after web spam in any type or form. Getting tagged for spam violations by the search engine can certainly prove disastrous for anyone in the SEO business as it leads to lower search rankings or exclusion of one’s website from the indexing process.

Now a lot of people in the search engine optimisation business could be churning out webspam content and not even know it. Thus it would be worth your while to look into the types of websites or content that Google officially classifies as spam as discussed in video shown above.

 Types of Webspam


As explained in the Google webmaster video posted above, there are generally 3 types of web spam content being spread by people online which includes:

Syndicated content – refers to content that are copied from other websites. The content copied may be relevant but it doesn’t add any additional value that wasn’t already offered by the website in which that content was copied from. Even worse are syndicated content that are random and totally irrelevant which only serves to grab as much random traffic as it can.

Now this type of content can also be referred to as “scraped” content simply because it doesn’t offer anything that people would find useful and if allowed to proliferate, will ultimately lower the quality of search results that the search engine provides.

Bin affiliates – If you run an affiliate website, you have to make sure that your content offers something of value and gives users a reason to visit your website. People in the SEO business would do well to put in the effort to come up with something useful such as product reviews with genuine commentaries as suggested by Google in the video. If you put up your website purely to drive traffic to your affiliate link with low quality or copied content, you are practically asking for trouble from the Google webspam team!

Doorway websites – Content from this type of websites are most probably the ones that Google hates the most. These websites are put up purely to drive traffic to a certain website with the intention of choking search results for a particular search query. Needless to say, this makes for a poor user experience as people will ultimately be directed to one website even after checking out a number of search results.

The ultimate goal in search engine optimisation is to put one’s website at the top of search results. In order to get there, you will need high quality and useful content. Map your goals on the same page as Google’s which is to provide the best possible information for users and webspam simply is not going to take you there!


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