Top SEO Mistakes that Webmasters Make Top SEO Mistakes that Webmasters Make

What are the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes

 Common mistakes in SEO

Wondering about some of the most common mistakes that people make in the SEO business? Search engine optimisation is certainly a complex subject to tackle and not surprisingly, many often make mistakes that could cost their business dearly. It would certainly help to know some of the most common errors out there in search engine marketing and how to best steer clear of them.

Now as show in the Google webmaster video above, there are certainly quite a number of them and it would certainly be in your best interest to take not of every one of them in order to maximize one’s chances of success in online marketing. Let’s go ahead and get right to it!

Top SEO errors to steer clear off

Failure to ensure that their website and domain name is reachable and can be crawled by search engines – simply put, you have to make sure that all the pages on your website are working and can be viewed by both users and search engines with no hidden content.

Failure to include the right keywords or search terms on your webpage – a lot of people in the SEO business often fail to think about what their prospects are actually typing in whenever they do their search queries. There is no substitute for detailed keyword research and absolutely no room for guesswork here. Unless you know exactly what terms your users are searching for you will never be able to generate the traffic that you need.

Focusing too much on link building – yes links are important in search engine optimisation but its certainly not everything. Many tend to make the mistake of limiting their strategies to links alone which is certainly not a good thing. Think about quality and compelling content and actually reaching out to your prospects by offering the online community something of value.

Ignoring webpage title and descriptions – a lot of people in search engine marketing don’t give much thought about their title and descriptions. It’s just too bad because these things actually determine whether or not people would actually click on your link from page results. Take a long hard look at your snippet and ask yourself whether or not its actually enticing or compelling enough. Better yet do some split testing and figure out which titles and descriptions actually convert better.

Failure to make good use of webmaster resources -Google provides a wealth of information via the webmaster resources to improve your website and maximize SEO results. One just have to make good use of it – participate in forums, talk and engage with people interested and involved in the search engine optimisation business. Such resources can help you keep track of current trends, news and best SEO practices which you implement yourself for better results.

So which of these SEO mistakes have you been making lately?

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