Links from previously good websites that becomes spammy Links from previously good websites that becomes spammy

What happens if I link to a good page that later becomes spammy?

Links to webpages which somehow turns spammy

So let’s say at one point you built links to certain website which features content which is relevant and useful to yours. Over time though, that particular website has turned spammy or worse – started posting irrelevant, inappropriate and potentially offensive content as discussed by the Google webmaster video above.

Well it can certainly happen but the question is what happens to your website under such circumstances? Is it something that people in the search engine optimisation business really have to worry about?

Links from previously good websites that turns spammy – no cause for concern

As explained in the Google webmaster video shown above, links that you’ve created as a part of your search engine marketing campaign on previously great websites that turned spammy for some reason is typically not something that people in the SEO business need to be overly concerned about.  The search engine has made it clear that people under such circumstances are not in any danger of facing penalties of any kind and adverse effects in search engine optimisation results are insignificant to say the least.

At most one would simply lose whatever benefits the link used to provide in the past towards your search engine rankings. Of course there is however an exception – there are those who simply take it way too far. If most of your links are coming from such a website for example then that would certainly deal a severe blow to your search engine rankings.

As you may already know, Google mandate that links be made manually and as naturally as possible. Needless to say, the existence of thousands of links on a website that is determined to be spammy doesn’t look natural at all.

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