What is Google's view on guest blogging for links? - SEO Packages | Professional SEO Services Sydney What is Google's view on guest blogging for links? - SEO Packages | Professional SEO Services Sydney

What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?

Google’s take on guest blogging

Wondering what Google actually thinks about guest blogging? It’s a fairly common strategy for people in the SEO business these days. Is it actually worth your while and how do search engines perceive such a strategy? As show in the video above, it all depends on how it is implemented as an online marketing strategy.

Having guest bloggers is certainly worthwhile and a privilege if you have high quality writers creating great quality content for you – that’s the brief and simple answer. It’s certainly a good thing if you see it as a means of promoting great quality content and having good writers share their knowledge and insights. Just like most things in SEO, it’s certainly something that people can easily take overboard when done with the wrong intention.

When is guest blogging not okay?

When is guest blogging not worth your while and takes your website away from Google’s good favor? Simply put when it’s when it is done with the intention of manipulating search engine results. Many often outsource guest blogging and use it to simply insert their links regardless of content which certainly isn’t a good thing. This turns the online marketing strategy to a link spamming scheme with zero interest in sharing useful and informative content

Google’s aim is to provide the best search results possible for users and that’s just not going to happen with poor quality and link spammy guest blogging. In order to be truly effective, you’ve got to invest and bring in proven and reputable writers or even new ones so long as they possess the skills to write an interesting and useful high quality blog post.

Simply put – it certainly works but only with great content with no irrelevant and spammy links. So what has been your experience with guest blogging?

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