What to do with competitors using webspam techniques - SEO Packages What to do with competitors using webspam techniques - SEO Packages

What should I do if my competitors are using webspam techniques?

Webspam techniques by unscrupulous competitors

Seeing a lot of your competitors resorting to underhanded tactics like webspam and even ranking better than you do even if you’ve made it a point to follow some of the best SEO practices set by Google?  What can you actually do about it? Is it something that you’ll just have to put up with in online marketing?



Reporting webspam activities

As shown in the video above, Google encourages everyone to report search engine marketing websites doing webspam activities and other black hat strategies and methodologies. Submit a spam report – the search engine would certainly love to know about people doing webspam, sneaky redirects, link buying and any other activity that seeks to manipulate search engine results away from quality, useful and relevant content.

Process a spam report about the website concerned along with details on why you think it shouldn’t rank that well and the offenses suspected. Google will then investigate and take appropriate actions on the matter. Google’s search engine algorithms are far from perfect and would certainly appreciate inputs and reports from users about webspam.

As an alternative, you can also post a report via Google webmaster forums where it can be seen and discussed by Google representatives and active users who are often more than happy to forward your report so that it can be heard by people in the online community.

Google certainly doesn’t like it when search engine marketing websites manage to rank well with prohibited and underhanded black hat SEO tactics as it often leads to spammy and irrelevant search results that are bound to frustrate a lot of users. By submitting webspam reports you are not only helping yourself but the search engine as well by helping prevent undeserving websites from ranking well in search results.

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