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What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?

SEO as Google sees it in the following months

Are you wondering what Google has planned later this year as far as SEO is concerned? Well it certainly pays to get ahead and as the Google webmaster video shown above suggests, the search engine certainly has a lot in the works this year.

Having mentioned that, a lot of people in the search engine marketing business can’t help but feel concerned. After all last year’s Panda and Penguin update literally took the online marketing industry by storm.  Google reassures us though that as long as webmasters work hard to offer the best possible content and value to their users then one can expect the search engine to do the same in terms of returning the best and most relevant search results.

If your online marketing goals are in line with the search engine’s goals of high quality and relevant search results then you certainly need not worry. So what exactly are some of the things that the search engine possibly has in store for us this year? Prior to the Google webmaster video posted above which was published sometime in early May, the search engine has been fairly tight lipped about its future plans.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at what we can expect out of Google’s pipeline this year

Below is a quick rundown on some of the things the search engine has been working on as far as SEO is concerned and expecting implementation in the next few months:

  • Be prepared for Penguin 2.0 – the next generation Penguin update designed to more effectively go after black hat web spam is expected to roll out in a few months significantly impacting webmasters and search engine marketing businesses that rely on such methods
  • New guidelines for native advertising – if an advertising page is paid for then it shouldn’t have page rank along with clear and conspicuous disclosure
  • Changes to queries for more detailed results
  • Improve “deny value” to link spammers to make the tactic a lot less effective and ultimately discourage it altogether
  • Better and more complex link analysis
  • Improved support and detection for hacked sites
  • Improved communication with webmasters for problems with hacked sites – implementation of a single source on the webmaster tools where users can access all the information they need to deal with website hacking.
  • Improved Panda algorithm to lessen the blow for websites that are on the border line in terms of quality

Now as mentioned by Matt Cutts in the video above, we should all take these changes with a grain of salt but it certainly paints a rough picture of what we can expect from Google this year. Again you need not worry about these changes if you are all about quality and offering value to users. For anyone who has been spending an awful lot of time on black hat SEO forums and implementing webspam techniques though will find that Google has a long tough year in store for them.

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