Latest SEO Misconception that Google would Like to put to Rest Latest SEO Misconception that Google would Like to put to Rest

What’s the latest SEO misconception that you would like to put to rest?

Wondering about latest SEO Misconceptions out there?

There are certainly a lot of SEO misconceptions out there today about Google and how search engine optimisation works. Often, these misconceptions create havoc in one’s search engine marketing efforts as they tend to create a lot of fuss and false speculations. Google does its best to put many of these speculations to rest, among the latest and most significant of which is the one covered by the Google webmaster video above.

SEO Patent misconceptions

As discussed in the video above, one of the latest misconceptions in search engine marketing or online marketing today revolves around patents. Google or people working or are associated with Google do secure a lot of patents and when some people find out about them, they often then spread the word along with a lot of speculation that Google is already using or integrating a certain patented functions or mechanisms.

Patents are what people believe to be good ideas and they are just that – ideas. Just because the search engine has patented it doesn’t automatically mean that it should cause great concern to your SEO efforts. Google’s aim has always been to improve search engine results and make it more useful and relevant for users. As long as your search engine optimisation efforts are on the same page – offering valuable and quality content, there’s really nothing to worry about.

Besides, it does not really help to spread and read into such speculations to the point that it makes you paranoid about your SEO efforts doesn’t it?

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