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White Hat SEO Strategies Demystified

All about white hat SEO strategies

White hat SEO strategies generally refer to a group of ethical and widely acceptable practices aimed at improving a website’s search engine rankings and there are quite a number of them. Business looking to succeed in their marketing endeavors online would do well to understand and explore them so as to appreciate which SEO strategy truly fits your needs. These strategies can differ in terms of the kind of the results they bring in and the amount of effort and resources you have to put into them in order to make it work.

The great thing about white hat SEO solutions is that they are all methods that are proven to work so long as it is executed properly and it’s a lot better for businesses to stick with such methods rather than risk doing black hat or unethical solutions which could carry severe penalties like loss of rankings and a sharp decline in traffic. If you want to ensure that search engines continue to see your website as an ethical and reputable presence online and award it with high rankings and visibility, it would be best to stick with white hat methods in your SEO works.

Examples of white hat SEO strategies

Indeed there are a number of good white hat SEO techniques that one could look into and article marketing is certainly one of them.  Now article marketing is probably one of the oldest SEO strategies in the business but unlike many others, it’s as effective today as it ever was.  As you may already know it involves among other things, writing articles and submitting them to various article directories online. Every article submitted has a title, summary, body and a resource box – the last two can feature links back to your website (backlink) that helps to boost your website’s search engine rankings and reputation.

Now the idea in article marketing as a white hat SEO strategy is to publish as many quality articles to various online article directories as possible which enable businesses to acquire precious traffic in a number of ways:

  • People find you articles online and reads it. If they liked what they read or if they are looking to know more they may then click through your business website through the embedded backlinks.
  • The presence of backlinks on your articles alone will benefit your website’s search engine listings especially if it’s coming from reputable online article directories that possess an outstanding page rank themselves.

In the same way, other white hat SEO solutions such as press releases and bookmarking are also a great way to improve search engine rankings and reputation. Bookmarking basically involves submitting URLs to social bookmarking websites like Twitter, Digg and Pinterest. These URLs could be a link to your business website or an article that you’ve published online and will also help you generate traffic naturally. Press releases are done in fairly much the same way as article marketing except that instead of article directories, press release websites are used.

These are but a few of the white hat SEO solutions that businesses online can all look into and they are all proven to benefit your overall search engine rankings getting your website to the top of search engine results which means higher visibility and more opportunities to make a sale!

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