Why does a new page's ranking change over time? - SEO Packages | Professional SEO Services Sydney Why does a new page's ranking change over time? - SEO Packages | Professional SEO Services Sydney

Why does a new page’s ranking change over time?

Changes in a new page’s ranking

Noticed how ranking can often change for new webpages over time? If you’ve been in the SEO business for quite some time then you’ve probably seen it happen all too many times. Google may rank your new online marketing webpage at the top of search engine results at day one only to see it drop significantly over time.  Many often can’t help but wonder why this is so and why a certain web page is able to rank highly at all if it’s ultimately judged unsuitable by search engines?



Why a web page’s ranking can drastically change over time?

Indeed the ranking of a new web page can change dramatically over time much to the disappointment of many in the search engine marketing business. Despite significant improvements in Google ‘s search engine algorithms over the years, it is yet to gain the ability to instantly gauge the right SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position for a newly published webpage.

As explained by Matt Cutts – Google’s webmaster in the video above, deciding page rank for newly published web pages is not an instant process. Think of it this way – when a new web page appears online the search engine naturally only have limited information about it at that point and with this limited information, it simply takes a best estimate on what rankings to assign.

Further down the line new information becomes available that Google can use to provide a more accurate ranking of a new online marketing webpage. Such information includes the matter of whether or not the content is actually unique, relevant and of good quality as well as how popular it actually is in terms of SEO links and social shares. If it’s not so popular with users online and no good websites are linking to it then perhaps the search engine marketing webpage isn’t as good as the search engine initially thought?

Does it make sense? What other reasons can you think of behind such changes in ranking for new webpages?

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