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Will Google be evaluating the use of rel=”author” moving forward?

All about Rel=”author”

Ever heard of a nifty feature Google has been trying to implement recently known as Rel=”Author”? Basically, it’s Google’s way of attempting to annotate the web and slowly steer away from anonymous sources. The search engine ultimately hopes to use it as an additional ranking signal and is expected to dramatically change how SEO is done if ever fully realized.

So what is it actually all about and how is it at all relevant to search engine optimisation? Simply put, Rel=”author” is a means of tagging who wrote or made what in terms of online content. Needless to say, the process will have the search engine favoring reputable and established authors over anonymous sources.  However, the system only works for authors that uses and maintains a Google+ account leading many to suspect it as a clever move by Google to draw in a bigger share of social media users for its platform.

Rel=”author” moving forward

As of present, Rel=”author” is still being tested as a possible ranking signal and still evaluating its overall viability. Indeed attempting to annotate the web seems to be a wonderful idea. Most users would appreciate knowing the reputability of an author for a particular content that they’re reading. However, concerns are mounting on whether or not this would lead to Google’s monopoly of the web and social media. What chances would there be for start-ups to possibly compete with established and reputable authors or publishers even with better content?

So what are your own thoughts about Rel=”author”?

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