Will my site's ranking be hurt if I use HTTPS instead of HTTP? Will my site's ranking be hurt if I use HTTPS instead of HTTP?

Will my site’s ranking be hurt if I use HTTPS instead of HTTP?

HTTPS and website ranking

Are you thinking about switching your website to HTTPS but worried that such a decision might adversely affect website ranking? It’s certainly a decision that warrants some concern especially when Google mentioned that website speed is among the factors that the search engine takes into account for good SEO results.

Now as you may already know, HTTPS is significantly slower than the standard HTTP protocol for websites due to its security encryptions. It is often necessary for online marketing businesses to switch or invest in this type of websites for security purposes especially when financial and highly confidential information is involved. So the question remains – will HTTPS put your website at a disadvantage when it comes to search engine rankings?

HTTPS – does it adversely affect website rankings?

Fortunately as the webmaster video shows above, answer is a definite NO and as a matter of fact, Google highly recommends it as it makes the online experience a lot more secure for users. Although online marketing websites using the HTTPS protocol are inherently slower than its standard counterpart, the delay is considered too insignificant to actually pose a threat to website rankings.

Of course the same cannot be said about users who simply may not have the patience to put up with such delays. In this case, it would certainly be worth your while to check out the many advancements in the HTTPS protocol such as Speedy and False Start which allows for spontaneous submissions of encrypted data.

So what has been your experience in terms of rankings when making the switch to HTTPS?

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